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The Sacred Cenote Sustainable Community
ScSc "Village Hunab Ku"

A 90 Acre Collaborative Visionary Development Project In The Northern Yucatan Peninsula

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ScSc Project Overview and Vision

The "Sacred Cenote Sustainable Community," ("ScSc") Project is the first in a series of visionary, nature-based, eco-villages planned for the Northern Yucatan Peninsula. (This first 90 acre project is called "Village Hunab Ku.) Its inception arises out of a mature enthusiasm for developing a state of the art sustainable community, a collective of individuals and families willing to invest time, resources and talents into bringing the ScSc Project's vision into reality: Living in harmony with nature, earth and one another and doing so from the spirit of collaboration, authenticity, respect and gratitude.  We choose to embrace and celebrate life’s sacredness together.

The term "Sacred" refers to philosophical values embodied by the ancient Maya, spiritual values grounded in good common sense, healthy ethics and a respect for Nature, and what can be called the "community of humanity."  While specific in its definition, ScSc is not an intentional community in the sense that its members or residents are not expected to adhere to any particular religion, faith or practice, or be of any specific ethnic or cultural background.

"Sacred" does however connote a spiritual context, but grounded in terms of living the reality of responsible human behavior rather than merely espousing spiritual aspirations.  Said another way, all that is required to participate in the ScSc Project is to demonstrate a respect for life, for human diversity and Nature.  Additionally, just as with any community, all those involved agree to honor the laws of the land, (in this case Mexican Law), as well as maintain a responsible and collaborative presence and be willing to work, live and celebrate life with others who share a common vision and values.

Those becoming involved in the ScSc project also have an interest in personal and spiritual development as well as a respect for the ways of the Maya people and the wisdom of their “Tzolkin Calendar.”  This non-religious “count of days” includes 260 generic life lessons that serve as a source of daily reminders, unifying vision and the spirit of collaboration for the ScSc community.  While no one will be expected to follow these 260 reminders, they will be made available to the community and will be used for alignment purposes.

Those involved in the ScSc Project are also aligned on the philosophy of sustainability, honoring the land, the natural resources of the Yucatan and the local Maya communities near the development property.  "Development" as it were, is not really the correct term as "de" in the conventional sense, means to reduce, take away or "use," and "velope" (like envelope) is a "container."  Rather than damaging or taking away from the container, (which is our natural world, eco-system and Nature), those involved in the ScSc Project are dedicated to maintaining this sacred container, nurturing it and supporting its natural rhythms and evolutions.  This means we plan on low-impact footprints, green development, and working "with" the land and environment rather than "on" it.  Some examples include no large scale deforestation, no use of asphalt or tar on roadways, zero septic waste seeping into the ground, using local natural building materials, no fencing that could harm animal life, etc. Perhaps the new term, "Revelopment" is more appropriate.  "Re" means "again," and with the vision of "sacred" added, the new meaning is "to again sanctify the container," a beautiful way to embrace the vital process and grace of sustainability.

ScSc Project Objectives and Values

The ScSc “sacred sustainable project” is not solely about making a profit, it’s about participating with a group of visionary pioneers who can embrace and choose one or more of these objectives:

- To relocate to the Yucatan Peninsula and live in a natural and sustainable way,
- To own a piece of paradise for purposes of vacationing or part-time occupancy,
- To build and/or participate in an international-based business such as eco-tourism,
- To establish a retreat center for health, wellness, spiritual and self development,
- To invest in a parcel of land as a way to plan for retirement or future residency.

It is also important to clarify the values of this project in greater detail.  In addition to what has been previously outlined, ScSc and its investors, contributors and residents choose to dedicate a substantial part of their lives and livelihoods to embracing the spirit of contribution and service.  This includes contributing to and being of service to not only members within the ScSc community, but members existing outside it as well.  For we are all members of the same community, the community of humanity.  As such, the ScSc community intends on developing collaborative, supportive and respectful relationships with everyone they engage with, and particularly with the local Maya people in terms of helping them improve their lifestyles, shelter, health, education and ability to source their own financial viability.

ScSc Project Location and Advantages

The ScSc Project is located on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula about an hour and a half southwest of Cancun, Mexico.  There is a major freeway that connects Cancun and Valladolid, a growing colonial city of 60,000 just seven miles from the ScSc Project. For more information about Valladolid click here. There are five main advantages to investing in and/or living on the ScSc property. First, the land is pristine jungle with abundant wildlife, fertile soil and fresh clean water from the underground lake, or "cenote." This is sustainable living at its finest. Second, the property is just 7 miles from Valladolid which has many amenities such as shopping, banking, restaurants, hotels, parks, medical and dental facilities and much more. Third, the Mayan Riviera and all the recreational activities it offers including sailing, diving, resorts and more is about an hour's drive from the property. Fourth, the Maya people living near the property (our neighbors) and in nearby communities are some of the warmest, kindest and most caring people you will ever meet.

Gulf Valladolid

Fifth, unlike much of Mexico which has a reputation for high crime rates and flat economic growth, the Northern Yucatan Peninsula is known to have the least crime in all of Mexico, and enjoys a thriving economy due to its rapidly expanding tourism industry and the large numbers of "baby-boomers" migrating there to retire. Also a major advantage is that unlike many parts of Mexico in which foreign nationals are forced to lease the land they acquire for 99 years through "Fideicomisos," we are entitled to own our land free and clear and our property rights are protected under NAFTA. (Fideicomisos are enforced in the coastal regions of Mexico and extending inland 100 miles.)  This is a huge advantage for our ScSc Project investors and land owners. 

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As previously mentioned, another unprecedented advantage to the ScSc Project is the remarkably beautiful "Sacred Cenote" on the property. Cenotes are underground fresh water lakes and water tables running under the Yucatan Peninsula's limestone substrata.  There are only 3,000 to 4,000 known Cenotes in the Peninsula, so having such a sacred resource on the property is extraordinary. The ScSc Sacred Cenote has a massive limestone ceiling, has a depth of 120 feet of pure, pristine water and is a beautiful natural temple that can be enjoyed by all investors and residents. Here are pictures of Yucatan Sacred Cenotes that illuminate their incredible beauty. (Pictures of our Sacred Cenote will be available in the near future once flood lightening and access routes have been added.) For more information on Cenotes, click here.

cenote1 cenote2

ScSc Community Philosophy and Design Plans

While some collaborative communities endorse sharing everything, ScSc Project members believe in the best of both worlds, which means maintaining privacy as well as sharing with others.  Optimally three degrees of privacy will be considered during planning, construction and cohabitation - 1) Complete privacy, 2) Partial privacy and 3) Shared public spaces.  For example, in the design of home sites, complete privacy would pertain to bedrooms and living rooms located away from the central common area.  Partial privacy areas might include dining rooms, kitchens and patios which would be located closer to the "front" of a home site where access to common areas exist.  And shared public spaces would include walkways, park areas, gardens, a central socializing space or "palapa," swimming pool and other common facilities.

As for sharing equipment and supplies, again the idea is to maintain responsible and healthy personal boundaries as well as embracing the spirit of collaboration.  Exterior design, ecological factors as well as esthetics of all residences and structures will be subject to "CCR's," which will be determined by the Founding Board of Directors.  Initially, the plan is to allow two dwellings per parcel, a main home site and a smaller guest house.  The Founders will align on themes of design, ecology, esthetics and footprint and will publish CCR guidelines in the near future.

ScSc Common Area Design Plans
The ScSc Project "common area" in which all owners and residents may participate in and enjoy will include access to the Sacred Cenote, running fresh water to their parcel, a central BBQ and socializing palapa or domed area, a swimming pool, recreation areas, gardens and orchards. This shared area will be approximately 10 acres and will be located in the middle of the project development so all parcels have direct access. (See "Sub-Division Plan" section below. Note: The pictures below are samples to give general ideas and not actual pictures of the actual ScSc Project.)

gardens orchards

kids pool


ScSc Sustainable Technology Plans
The ScSc Project will be a state-of-the art "by living demonstration" operation that will showcase the world's most advanced sustainable technologies and approaches to ecologically responsible living. The Yucatan is the perfect environment for light footprint structures, active and passive solar, photovoltaic's and organic food production.

solararray hybrid systemHybrid PowerTreehouse

For more detailed diagrams of planned dwellings, please click here.

ScSc Potential Community-Based Revenue Sources:

One of the key factors in the success and viability of a sustainable residential project is the existence of a variety of revenue sources, the financial support required to sustain and maintain the resident's livelihood, lifestyles and property over time.  While parcel owners and project investors will be expected to have existing revenue sources to sustain themselves, those who permanently relocate to the project property may require some degree of supplemental income, or at least a minimal revenue stream to assist in paying for ongoing maintenance of the grounds and infrastructures.  There are at least seven, if not more potential revenue sources identified at this time investors and residents can pioneer, they are:

1)  An Eco-Tourism Business:  Establishing a small specialized tourism retreat center that can accommodate a discerning clientele is a viable potential source of revenue.  (Those seeking a more substantive experience of the Maya ruins than mass-tourism currently offers.) Over a million tourists per year visit the Yucatan Peninsula and the numbers are increasing.  On both coasts (Cancun and Merida) infrastructures are being put in place by the Mexican Government as well as private industry to accommodate an escalating influx of tourists.
ecotours1 ecotours2 ecotours3

2)  Extended Stay Accommodations:  Building additional rental housing into the design plans for the ScSc Project will cater to travelers who wish to participate in extended stays.  (This is particularly the case with European travelers who often plan three to five weeks for their vacations.)  Individual parcel owners may build one additional residence for this purpose and operate as a collective with other parcel owners wishing to do the same.  (E.g., booking scheduling, common meals and caretaking of seasonal guests.)  Also one of the existing parcels may be dedicated to housing for the eco-tourism venture and extended stay accommodations.

3)  Wellness and Educational Retreat Center:  The beauty of the Yucatan, the nearby Cancun coast and the magnificent Maya ruins are the perfect draw for a world class clientele interested in attending health, wellness and yoga courses, spiritual and self-development programs and other educational curriculum that may include everything from sustainability technology to creative artisan, music and cultural crafts.

4)  Growing and Exporting Holistic Herbs:  The Maya jungle is an abundant source of holistic herbs and medicinal plants.  Fauna and flora such as Chiba (Ceiba pentandra) contains antibiotic properties, Chakah or Red Gumbolimbo Bark (Bursera simaruba) is an anti-inflammatory, and Mayan breadnut (Brosimum alicastrum) relieves asthma and lung conditions. 

5) Growing and Selling Organic Produce: The Maya jungle is also an abundant organic growing environment.  The soil is rich in nutrients and optimal the growing of organic crops.  With the onsite Sacred Cenote there is an abundance of fresh water that will ensure successful crops and harvests.  Local markets that cater to tourist travel as well as the nearby city of Valladolid are viable retail outlets for fruits and vegetables, and residents will benefit by consuming the healthful produce they grow. 

6) Exporting Local Crafts and Artwork: The local Maya people are extraordinary artisans of wood, stone and semi-precious metals.  An export business that showcases fine Maya crafts, jewelry and other high quality artwork could be easily set up for international distribution.

7) New Sustainable Technology Enterprises: The innovation of sustainable technologies being pioneered on the ScSc property (alternative power generation, green building materials and high tech/high yield food production) can be showcased and leveraged into new and innovative enterprises in the Yucatan Peninsula.  There is an abundance of available natural resources and a huge labor talent pool waiting to be utilized into viable enterprises that embrace innovative sustainable building products and strategies.

Local Community Empowerment & Contribution:
The ScSc Project is community sensitive and inclusive as opposed to exclusive in its development strategy and approach.  Rather than imposing an outside agenda into the local community, it is our intent to work in collaboration with local communities and develop trust, support and opportunities for mutual benefit.  This translates into honoring local ways and traditions, creating local jobs, utilizing resources, materials and expertise that already exists in and around the Yucatan Peninsula.  It also includes contributing to the community in terms of quality of life, shared vision and participative benefit. Examples are the exchange of technical talents and resources such as solar power generation, accelerated food production techniques, local resident housing improvement projects (doing charity construction and small scale renovations), community outreach educational programs, counseling, healthcare basics and other domestic needs defined by ScSc Project founders.

Who We Are Seeking In Terms of Founders, Investors and Resource Experts:

The criteria for the ScSc Project Founders and Investors include purchasing at least one parcel, contributing financially to the development of the community as a whole, including the common area. The resource experts we are seeking may earn by trade either residency or time share privileges. Here are the resources we are seeking:

- Solar and alternative power generation technology
- Permaculture, green architecture, construction and engineering
- Organic gardening, flora, fauna and orchard cultivation
- Teaching, mentoring, yoga and meditation, midwifery
- Spiritual development, holistic healing, chef/cooking
- Retail sales, eco-tourism, hospitality, real estate
- Legal, financial acument and business development,
- Graphics, web design, internet marketing and sales

Note: Property plat maps, subdivision plans, pricing and photos are posted below.

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ScSc Project Inquiry Form

To be contacted about our development opportunity please fill out the following information. Once we receive your online request we'll contact you within 24 hours. Thank you again for your interest!

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ScSc Survey Plat Diagrams:
The official plat survey below was recently completed which outlines the boundaries of the project property.  Through careful due diligence we have found no liens or encumbrances on the property and the title is free and clear. There are also no restrictions on sub dividing the land or developing a commercial enterprise or work at home businesses. There is cell service at the property but no internet access or electrical power at this time. (HughesNet is a possible IP service we are exploring.)



ScSc Sub-Division Plans:
Below is a tentative sub-division plan for the ScSc Project.  Actual parcel sizes have not been officially surveyed yet so these are only rough estimates.  The plan is to assemble a Founding Board of Directors, each of whom purchases at least one parcel and assists with the initial development costs of the common area and other enhancements.


Initial Road Work Progress:
The ScSc Project is located approximately 2 miles from the main highway. We are in the process of building a smooth, flat surfaced limestone roadway for access. As the progress of the road work evolves we will post photos of it. Click here to see the road development currently underway.

ScSc Parcel Pricing:

Pricing for the parcels has now been established and can be reviewed in the "ScSc Financial Forecast Presentation." (Click here to download it now.) Initial developments include legal foundational work for property sub division and corporate structuring, constructing a 2-mile limestone road from the paved highway to the property, conducting parcel survey maps and clearing the land for the common area and other improvements. Financial investments will be executed in a two-part process, 1) The cost of a designated parcel, and 2) A "scalable" fee (based on parcel size) for contributing to the development of the common area. As stated previously, the common area will include Sacred Cenote access, fresh water supply to each parcel, a hybrid backup power generation infrastructure (still to be determined), acentral BBQ/kitchen/dining palapa, a swimming pool, recreation areas, equipment and supply structures, gardens and orchards. Note: The property currently has a stone structure existing on it that will be rebuilt as a transitory homesite for initial investor/owners of ScSc Project parcels. (See pictures below.)

ScSc Property Pictures:

Below are some initial pictures of the project property.  These images represent only a few hundred yards of the property.  There is a great deal of diversity on the grounds including areas of deep soil, thick jungle, granite outcroppings and much more. To see a video sequence of the initial area depicted below click on the following YouTube link and select video clips "Part 13 of 14 and 14 of 14."

















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